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Introducing Modular Millwork from American Specialty!  It is time to change your thinking about millwork in your business office, lab, break room, mail room, shipping stations and through out your enterprise!  Modular Millwork is a truly sustainable answer to all your millwork needs.  With our Modular Millwork you can reconfigure, relocate and reuse your millwork, protecting your investment in improved work flow.

For years, all work place millwork was site built by carpenters.  The millwork being installed was essentially the same type of construction found in home environments.  Today, smart business people are opting for Modular Millwork designed for use in the workplace.  There are a lot of reasons to consider the new Sustainable Modular Millwork solution for your new construction or remodeling projects.


Modular Millwork can be reconfigured in the field at a fraction of the cost of tearing out site built millwork and replacing it making it a sustainable asst.  When your business needs change, your Modular Millwork can be redesigned to meet your new needs.  Ordinary millwork in the work place has an average life of only 2.5 years before changing work demands it be replaced.  With Modular Millwork from American Specialty, the Millwork is simply reconfigured to conform to the new requirement.  Typically, our Sustainable Modular Millwork life spans are 10 to 20 years!


If you relocate to a different location, or simply want to re-arrange your current offices to improve work flow, your Sustainable Modular Millwork is easy to move.  As free standing units, not attached to walls or floors, Modular Millwork can be moved as needed.  With traditional millwork, relocation or remodeling means buying new millwork, costing your business thousands of dollars.


Even if your situation changes considerably, the base Modular Millwork unit can be reused.  It can become the foundation for a completely reconfigured Modular Millwork unit.  The sustainability possibilities are endless.


Designed for businesses, medical practices, dental practices, labs, mail rooms, break rooms, storage rooms, schools and universities, Modular Millwork from American Specialty starts out strong by using a steel structural frame.  This steel frame makes our Modular Millwork far superior to the wood construction typical to site built millwork.


Modular Millwork offers your business a new level of flexibility, combining various materials into a variety of configurations that are designed to fit the business environment.  Various tops, sides, fronts, drawers, doors and fixtures are assembled to the steel frame, providing the most flexibility in design and durability.

Factory Built

Our Modular Millwork is built at the factory, with professional quality control standards.  It is delivered to your work site fully assembled and ready to put in place. 

LEED Compliant

Modular Millwork is a “green solution.”  With Modular Millwork, you can reconfigure, relocate and reuse your millwork, avoiding obsolescence and the land fill disposal issues related to tearing out old standard millwork when it no longer fits the job.  Additionally, much of the content of the material used to create our Modular Millwork is recycled material.  To learn more about LEED Compliance and the recycled content of our Modular Millwork, please contact us.

View Modular Millwork Projects

To see photos of Modular Millwork projects, click on the application below:

New Bactericidal Horizontal Surfaces

We are pleased to announce that our sustainable Modular Millwork is now available with MRSA resistant Bactericidal Horizontal Work Surfaces.  This surface is available in 12 colors.  Click here to see what’s available.  Contact us for more information.

Possible Favorable Tax Treatment

Site built millwork is frequently included in the cost of  a new or remodeled structure.  That means it is depreciated over the life of the structure.  Because Modular Millwork can be removed and relocated easily, it is treated as Office Furniture with a much shorter depreciation life.  Check with your tax advisor to take advantage of this benefit.

Lifetime Warranty

American Specialty's Modular Millwork comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  For details, contact us at 1.800.466.9561.